The Mundo Rich Associate Program is a performance-based (Per Sale Payout) associate program which helps Mundo Rich drive global traffic, convert sales and also help associates monetize visitors to their online channels. There is a monthly fee to use our associate program.
  • Anybody that would like to start their own sales business, can apply to the Mundo Rich Associate Program.
  • Each application will be reviewed and subsequently accepted or declined. If your application is declined, you would receive and email with the reason why.
  • Your personal Affiliate site will be similar to the official website of, you would have an unique link to promote your site.
  • By being part of the Associate Program in Mundo Rich, you would have the benefit of addin to database any additional product(s) that you possess.
  • (Some restrictions and requirements will need to be meet first, before you are approved to add any product to database.)

Here’s how it works:

1. Register

Register to apply to join our Associate Program.

2. Submit

Submit all of your required information.

3. Wait

Wait for approval from your Affiliate Manager (reply within 2-3 workdays).

4. Create

Create Affiliate site (with your unique Link ID embedded) from your Associate Dashboard.

5. Add products

If you have a product(s) that you would like to add and sell thru, you will have the opportunity to add the product(s) to our database. (Some restrictions and requirements will need to be met first, before you are approved and authorized to add any product(s) to database.)

6. Promote

Promote your Affiliate site on any of your online marketing channels: blog, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, forums, popular social media sites, etc. Greater coverage increases potential sales.

7. Comission

When a visitor follows your Affiliate site and submits a paid order, you get a commission within 30 days of his initial paid order.

(The commission earned from each sale shall be in a 2 weeks waiting period, before being transferred to you after a total of 30-days Order Validation Period.)

We pay a commision for every valid purchase that originates from your Affiliate site. You are going to be able to view and track your site performance on you Associate Dashboard.