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Portable UVC Disinfection Lamp, Timer Display, Wireless, Rechargeable, Kills Virus, Germs, Bacteria

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Notice: We use 3pcs UVC + UVA dual-band LED chip, the combination of UVA penetration ability + UVC sterilization ability, kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses in seconds

1. Product packaging details
a. 1*Rechargeable portable sterilization lamp
b. 1*USB charging cable
c. 1*Instruction manual
2. Advantages of rechargeable portable UVC germicidal sterilization
At present, ultraviolet sterilization lamps on the market are mostly wall-mounted or must work by plugging in a 220V power supply, they cannot be truly portable! Our rechargeable portable sterilization and disinfection lamp is compact and can be carried anywhere. It can be sterilized and disinfected anytime and anywhere. It is widely used and can be placed in cars, living rooms, offices, wardrobes, shoe cabinets, bedrooms, refrigerators, kitchens, bathrooms, and other places.
a. Our rechargeable disinfection lamp is small in size and can be carried everywhere, takes no space at all.
b. Our rechargeable disinfection lamp has a built-in battery and a rechargeable design, there is no wire, and you can place it anywhere you want.
c. Our rechargeable disinfection lamp can working 2 hours once charged.
d. LED disinfection light source, safer than traditional disinfection lamp
3. Principle of rechargeable portable UVC germicidal sterilization
a. Sterilizer lamp destroys the DNA(deoxyribonucleic acid) and RNA(RIBose) of bacteria and viruses through ultraviolet light and ozone. It makes bacterial viruses lose their viability and reproductive power to achieve disinfection effect.
b. Ultraviolet UVC265mm-280mm UVA395mm-405mm. No harm to the human body, to eliminate bacteria in a healthy way, can be called a green microbicide.
4. Specification of rechargeable portable UVC germicidal sterilization
Model: TS-XD02Material: ABS Silicone
External interface: 1 USB interface
Product Size: 130mm*32mm*15mm
Box  Size: 160mm*80mm*30mm
LED Chip: 3pcs UVC+UVA dual-band, UVC265nm-280nm UVA395nm-405nm
Power: 2W
Gross weight: 130g
Carton size: 34*31*42cm
Carton Gross Weight: 13.5KG
Battery capacity: 500mAh
Meter Sterilizing Area: 2 square
Working Voltage: DC 5V
Working Temperature: 0-40°C